“There is nothing permanent except change”. Heraclitus

So many people are so busy with the day-today operations of their business or nonprofit organization that they forget to check on the status of their website and what others are seeing when they visit the site. Don’t leave your website unchecked and outdated. Out of site out of mind is probably hurting your organization. The way you maintain your online presence gives the public an impression of how you run your business.

Make a Great First Impression

You want to make a great first impression and keeping your website up to date is part of that. Your website is likely the first thing people looking for what you offer see. if the website is outdated or missing links the prospect will likely quickly lose interest and move on to check out websites of others. A site that is outdated does not have a fresh look, is uninteresting, shows poorly and is doing the owner a disservice. It can disinterest prospects quickly, even before the viewer finds out what you offer, and are about. Keeping your website looking fresh is very important in attracting new prospects and keeping current customers and clients.

Keep Your Content Up to Date

Updated content and pictures will give your website a current fresh look. It is much more likely to cause your prospects to spend time reviewing your site, ultimately driving more traffic to it and your organization. Set a schedule to remind yourself that it is time to review and update the site or hire a pro to do that for you. Technology and trends are always changing, and professionals are up to date on the latest nuances and features of websites.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to expose your website to new traffic, promote search engine optimization (SEO) and give you the opportunity to show prospects that you and your organization have expertise in the products or services you offer. Blogging will also force you to see and review the website on a regular basis. Blogging shows people who are searching for solutions you offer, that you have the solutions they seek, and that increases the chances that they will buy from you or utilize the services you provide.  Blogging in general is a great way to increase visits to your site. Blogs can be done on any basis. A monthly blog would be the great, but when it comes to blogs, the more times the merrier and something is better than nothing! Professionals can also create great blogs if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

Keep Keywords Updated

Keeping the keywords current and using the right keywords in your website is essential.  The right keywords help drive traffic to the website. It is just as important to keep the keywords on your website current as it is the content. Pages on your site need keywords that represent the products or services you offer. The keywords you use should represent and convey the same image and message, about what you offer, to prospects who are searching online. Location keywords describe the proximity of your location and the area(s) you serve. Things change, and it is important to keep both the website pages and the related keywords current so that your location, contact information and service area are correct and up to date.

Bottom Line

If you don’t regularly update your content, pictures and keywords, your website will gradually get less and less useful and effective. Make a point to come up with a plan to regularly update the website . Remember the words of Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Failure generally creeps up on us, we certainly don’t plan it. Review your website regularly, keep your web pages and keywords up to date, seriously consider starting a blog, and plan to succeed!

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