Promotional products are items branded with an organization’s name, contact information, logo, slogan and other information, and are usually given away free to promote an organization, event or brand. These products help to increase overall organizational visibility and awareness. They are also given away at trade shows, conferences, and during sales calls. These products include t-shirts, caps, water bottles, key-chains, pens, and coffee mugs. Since promotional giveaways have your contact information on them, they work like a business card that consumers use regularly.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Businesses usually expend significant time and resources attempting to get prospects to purchase their products or use their services. In large part, as a result of these efforts, the time comes when the prospect decides to utilize the products or services the business has been touting. If the prospect does not remember, and is unable to find, the name or contact information of the business, they don’t contact the business. The prospect buys elsewhere. It is nearly impossible to reach out to prospects at the precise time they need what you offer. Promotional products remind potential customers about you when you are not there, and they provide a way for the customer to get in touch with you when they need what you offer.

Valuable Advertising Space

Most people work five or more days a week in a specific location. When a prospect or customer is using your branded gift there, you have access to the most valuable advertising space possible, right where they are! A well selected promotional gift becomes a permanent billboard right where they spend their work time. Getting access to that kind of space and time is priceless!

Get Referrals

Good promotional products are normally highly visible, handy products or clothing that people like and use. They get them free, so they usually don’t hesitate to take them (most people like gifts). Since these items are generally placed or worn where others see them, they create brand recognition and referrals. These products may become a point of discussion between two consumers. For example, consumers might wear your gift of a t-shirt or use your coffee cup or travel mug in plain sight. Such giveaways are an excellent way for increasing your business exposure on a daily basis.

Yes, We Have That

Promotional products are also used to alert potential customers or clients to a product or service you offer. These promotional products convey to others, that a regular, new or special product or service is available, or that a special discount exists. As organizations develop and implement new products and services promotional products are a great way to get the word out.