Larry Carlson Jr, President & CEO


CALHOUN PRESS, INC. offers leading edge media and marketing technology and great promotional products. Our goal is to provide both an  exceptional value for our customers as well as a superior customer experience. 

Larry Carlson, Jr. has been providing strategic guidance to his clients for over 35 years. His broad range of business and technical experience allows him to provide skillful and exceptional results for his clients. He has an extensive history of working with many businesses and non-profit organizations to provide not only website and marketing services, but also sales, accounting, bookkeeping, tax return preparation, computer and software support, other tech services and financial and managerial analysis.


CALHOUN PRESS, INC.  started as CALHOUN SHOW PRINT in 1852. Over the years the company evolved into not only show print but also newspapers, advertising materials, stationary, business cards and other printed matter of the day. Today communication is done via the internet. As communication mediums and media have evolved the CALHOUN PRESS, INC.  has changed to meet and exceed the need.  CALHOUN PRESS, INC. has been delivering great marketing and communications products since the original company was started in 1852.

Thomas Dignam

Thomas Dignam, President

Thomas F. Dignam purchased the then named Calhoun Printing Company with a partner in 1910. The company was subsequently renamed Calhoun Press, Inc. After Thomas Dignam’s death in 1934, his son, John V. Dignam, took the helm of the company, until his death in 1979.

JVD face

John V. Dignam, President

CALHOUN PRESS, INC. is passionate about exceeding your expectations. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

The Thomas Dignam Family

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