Fact: People want what you offer but they don’t contact you. Why? They don’t know you.

People are looking for what you offer. They don’t know you and don’t know you are out there. You don’t know they are looking for what you offer. An opportunity is lost. Lost opportunities occur over and over again without any notice. Opportunities come and go on a regular basis.

People contact others they can easily find. Businesses and other organizations invest in marketing so that people can easily find them. Getting your contact info in front of potential consumers is crucial for growth and prosperity of your organization.

What is it costing you for every customer and sale you don’t get? Most businesspersons are aware of apparent operating costs such as rent, wages, utilities, materials, supplies and taxes.  There is an equal, and other important cost to consider, lost opportunity cost. Lost opportunity costs are hard (if not impossible) to measure but they are certainly real.

The solution. There are many marketing strategies that will mitigate and minimize these lost opportunity costs, whether you are marketing to businesses or consumers. The opportunity cost must correlate to reasonable and available financial resources and should increase as the marketing strategies work to increase revenues and income.

Here are some outcomes of any effective marketing strategy:

  • Increase your visibility, generally.
  • Generate increased traffic to your website and/or business location.
  • Provide increased visibility through social media platforms.
  • Create awareness that you and your business are an expert in what you offer.
  • Generate trustworthiness and credibility with your current customers and prospects.
  • Allow assessment of your value with no strings attached.
  • Increase awareness and credibility of you, your brand and your products and services.

Wishing you the best of success,