Get More Business with Yard Signs

Yard signs get your name out there where people see it. Yard signs are inexpensive ways to get the word out about you and they target people and prospects in the area you want to work and do business. They do a great job of promoting your company name and brand.

Many businesses like real estate agents and contractors and home service providers use them all the time. They know that other local residents and businesses will see the sign and call.

Not all marketing strategies are created equal. Many carry big price tags without getting appropriate results. Signs give your business credibility. People see your signs again and again they start to recognize your name, brand and what you offer. When they need what you provide they will likely contact you. Yard signs only target people who are already in the places you want to do business, so you won’t have to worry about wasting ad money on areas you don’t service.

Businesses use yard signs to reach older, and other customers, who don’t search online for what they need.

Effective Yard Sign Design and Use

Keep it short and simple. You want people to easily recognize what you offer and to have a phone number prominently displayed so they can easily read it.

Keep the sign uncluttered to avoid distraction from your message and contact information.

Use high contrast colors and text so the sign gains attention.

Make sure the contact information is clear and easy to read (ex. phone number).

Generally, larger signs generate larger response rates.


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