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CALHOUN PRESS, INC. knows that most businesses are looking to increase sales and income yet many smaller businesses are concerned that marketing can be a scary risky proposition. In reality, marketing is the lifeblood of most     successful and growing businesses, assuming it is done correctly.

Marketing Provides Measurable Results

I know at least half of my advertising budget works; I just don’t know which half.” Henry Ford.

You can’t just start a marketing program and set it on autopilot and hope for the best. Marketing strategies, while hopefully well thought out, need to be managed and tended. One would not start a garden and then wait until the end of the growing season to see how things went. In the same way, marketing is an ongoing process that needs regular and constant review to check for results and make appropriate changes. Several methods are available to businesses to confirm the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising methods. In addition, a measured start and adjusted growth of marketing and advertising is essential to avoid wasting time and money.

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