You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great, Zig Ziglar

The effort and determination you take provides your road to success and achievement. Inspiration and determination are good but it’s the implementation and action that create success. No one ever prospered by just thinking about an idea. Consistent action is required!

Zig Ziglar’s words prove true. Most people have ideas and dreams yet never get started because they are waiting for something, the right, day, the right time, a certain amount of cash, and so on. Most misjudge and believe that they will be successful when they are ready, when they have a certain amount of cash/capital and so on and so forth. Life is fleeting. There is no time like NOW to get started.

Do yourself a favor. Get started on your dream today, not tomorrow. Even small amounts of effort every day will eventually lead to success.

Like anything in life, you don’t get credit for trying until you’ve taken some real shots at your goal. You may not succeed the first time you take a shot, but until you start taking real measurable shots (shots that count) you’re not really giving it an actual try. it’s getting started taking some shots that matter. As Benjamin Franklin aptly stated, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!”

Get started today!

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