The president of the organization is Larry Carlson, Jr. 

Larry graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelors degree. Being a “people person” he was offered a job in sales upon graduation. Sales suited Larry well and he enjoyed and succeeded in meeting new people, keeping current customers happy and offering products to all that were right for them. Larry first worked in outside sales in the novelty and printing goods industry, and then later in commercial building trades. 

During the time he was selling, Larry meet a young lady named Sharon and after a while they decided to get married. Not long into their marriage, their first son Larry III was born. The birth of a child presented a more serious set of life circumstances, and while things were good financially at that time, the idea that a recession could cause sales, and thereby income to decline, concerned the new dad. He decided to consider other types of work that were potentially less subject to downturns in the economy. After considering a multitude of potential career choices, it was concluded that most all businesses and persons need an accountant and/or tax preparer, and so that seemed like a good choice. For about three years, Larry returned to college part time to take accounting and tax courses around his sales job. After he had taken the courses, Larry became the controller of an organization in Hartford for fourteen years, only leaving because the principal of that organization retired and the business closed. Over these same fourteen years, Mr. Carlson had been working for various smaller entities providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax, computer, marketing and sales services, nights and weekends, when he was not at his full time job. After his full time job ended, Larry decided to started an accounting and tax company and later a multimedia marketing firm. As it turned out, Larry found that many of his clients needed more than just accounting and tax advice, they also needed help with marketing, advertising and computers and so he expanded his services so that he could help his clients with those needs as well. 

Mr. Carlson has spent well over thirty years working with various businesses and non-profit organizations, large and small, in a variety of fields, helping them to succeed. His advice is usually well received and appreciated. Many of his suggestions have meant the difference between success and disaster. 

Whatever it is you or your organization is seeking reach out to Larry. Most likely he will have some solutions or suggestions. At a minimum he will give you some free advice or listen to your issue or dilemma.

Give Larry a call at 860-202-0998 or e-mail: